JRoc Products & JRoc Tackle products can be easily ordered from our website /
Order Process
When using our online ordering process please provide all required information so that we can ensure that your order is processed quickly and accurately.
Follow these steps to place your order;
Step 1:
Browse our website and select "add to cart" for the items you wish to purchase.
Step 2:
Click "Shopping Cart / Checkout” in the upper right hand corner to view the contents of your current order.
Step 3:
(1) Basket
Review the contents of your basket to ensure you have all the items you are wanting and the correct quantity. Make any necessary alterations to quantities from the basket or continue shopping to add more items.
Coupon Code
Enter a valid code of any discount coupons that you have. The coupon amount will then be deducted from the total of the items in your basket. The coupon discount will not be applied to your shipping costs. (Unless the items include free shipping) the discount is only applied to the cost of the items.
Select Your Delivery Option
The First Delivery option shown will be the cheapest available option by default. You will not need to make any further selection unless you require an expedited service such as Express Shipping.
Payment Methods
Select your preferred payment method. JRoc Products offers both PayPal & eWAYrapid secured payment gateways where you can pay with a variety of payment types including, credit card and direct from your bank account, safely & conveniently. For more information regarding our payment methods please visit our Terms & Conditions page.
Delivery Comments
Here you can write additional information you might need to tell us.
Click "Check Out" on the right hand side of the basket.
Step 4:
(2) Address
This is where you either "sign in" or enter your details by creating a customer account, or log in as a guest. There are many benefits to registering, including only having to enter your details once and in doing so your shipping cost will always show in the 1st basket screen as long as you are logged in. Please be sure to enter your details correctly as we will not take responsibility for items not delivered, where you have entered your address incorrectly. You do have the opportunity to enter a different shipping address to your home address. Please be sure that your payment gateway of choice has the corresponding information also, as there could be a delay in shipping your order if there is a discrepancy as we will need to confirm your details before we can ship your order.
Click "Sign In" to sign in with a previously registered customer OR "Next" if you are registering for the first time or entering as a guest. If you are registering or entering as a guest please complete the required entry fields with your details, at the top remembering to Tick the "I agree with the terms and conditions" check box (Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully prior to agreeing).
Click "Next"
Check that you have entered your shipping details correctly and ensure you select the Default icon to the right hand side of the “address you want your parcel delivered to” if you have given us a different delivery address.
Click "Next"
Step 5:
(3) Confirm Order
On this page you will confirm the details of your order, including your billing address, shipping address, email address, any additional information that you want us to know, the items you are purchasing, the shipping method and cost and your order total. Should you need to make any alterations at this point please do not click the back arrow. Instead click on the numbers labelled 1-4 in the order process at the top of the checkout page. Here you can return to any of the stages in the process to make necessary amendments.
Click "Place order". This will take you to the next step for payment of your order. Once you click this button the 1-4 options will no longer have a hover over for you to go back to previous steps. Do not click the back arrow. Instead the only way to get back to previous steps is to click "Shopping Cart / Checkout "in the top of the header. This will enable you to proceed through checkout again. As soon as you click "place order" a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox notifying you of the details of your order. This is not a tax invoice. Your tax invoice will be sent once your order is paid for.
Step 6:
A link to your chosen payment gateway from Step 3 (Stage 1 in the Checkout Process) will be shown here. You will be forwarded to the Payment Gateway site to pay using a secure connection. All entries and verifications of your payment are conducted and saved solely by the payment gateway.
Note: Do not close the browser window during payment. Once payment has been made you can return to our shop and check your order.
Click "Pay" to begin the payment process. Once you have made your payment, you will have the option to be redirected back to the JRoc Tackle website. You will receive a confirmation email from JRoc Tackle that will include a PDF file to download your invoice. You will also receive an email from your payment provider confirming your payment to JRoc Products.