Battery Operated Liquid / Fuel Transfer Siphon Pump Intake 32 x 610mm, Discharge Hose 1050mm, 8Lpm

Battery Operated Liquid / Fuel Transfer Siphon Pump Intake 32 x 610mm, Discharge Hose 1050mm, 8Lpm

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Battery Operated Liquid/Fuel Transfer Siphon Pump

Transfers fuels, diesel, kerosene, thin oils, water (FOOD GRADE safe for drinking water) & other liquids quickly & safely.


It’s very simple to use & set up ready to go in seconds!!!

It can transfer 7-8 litres per minute!


This is ideal for the home, garage, workshop or traveling. Portable and multi-purpose, ideal for use at home, offices, recreation and outdoors. Use it for your vehicles like go-carts, lawn mowers etc.


Keep one handy at home or in the boot and easily transfer fuel/water from a jerry can straight into your car, caravan, truck, race vehicle, motorbike, without any spills.


This is a superior professional product made for JRoc Products, from QUALITY MATERIALS & WORKMANSHIP. (Be wary of other sellers selling cheap Chinese versions with inferior parts!).


This pump will FIT in 20lt Jerry Cans with a 32mm OPENING. Please check your container before purchasing.


It features an extra long intake tube of 610mm and discharge hose of 1050mm.


We also sell other varied sized Pumps with different specifications, including pumps that fit Jerry Cans with 27.5mm openings. So please take a look at our other listings


ANTI SIPHON VALVE & OVERFLOW OUTLET - When a Liquid is siphoned it generally wont stop till no liquid is left. Our pumps are fitted with an Anti Siphon Valve, so when you switch it off, it will stop the flow of liquid. Any excess back up of liquid at shut off will drain out the side through the overflow outlet back into the container. It's important to never turn the pump upside down directly after use. Gently tilt it towards the overflow and allow any liquid in the valve to drain out. The anti-siphon valve ensures that your pump will shut off very quickly when you switch it off.

(1) Use for: kerosene, light oil, chemicals, gasoline, water (safe for drinking), wine etc.
(2) Easy to Use Semi automatic regular type liquid supply, quiet operation
(3) Operated by 3pcs of D size 1.5V batteries.
(4) Capacity: 7~8 L/min.
(5) Switch on top for easy control.
(6) Suction tube diameter: 32 mm, Length: 610 mm.
(7) Discharge hose Length : 1050 mm.
(8) CE & RoHs, Food class certificate,Soncap certificate. Safe & Easy to Use.


  1. Flow Capacity:                          7-8 L/min.
  2. Suction tube Length:                610 mm
  3. Suction Intake Diam:             32 mm 
  4. Discharge Tube Length:           1050 mm
  5. Total Unit Length:                     920 mm 
  6. Product weight:                         250g                                                













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