JRoc Tackle Portable T-BAR FISHING GIMBAL Rod Holder Anodized Alloy COLOUR BLUE / BLACK

JRoc Tackle Portable T-BAR FISHING GIMBAL Rod Holder Anodized Alloy COLOUR BLUE / BLACK

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The JRoc Tackle T-Bar Fishing Gimbal is the most simple, yet effective fishing aid to enter the tackle accessory market.

It's incredibly comfortable, portable, light weight, made from premium quality materials and will revolutionize the way you fish!

It fits to the end of your rod in seconds, yet the rubber gripping teeth will keep it in place snuggly, preventing it from falling off easily.

Suitable for rod diameters from 22mm to 27mm

Its unique design means that there is no need for any belts around the waist like traditional gimbal belts, this means that you can pass the rod to any angler during a catch without any fuss of undoing belts.

Whether you place it on your waist, stomach or thighs, you'll find the JRoc Tackle T-Bar Fishing Gimbal comfortable.

Never worry again about the end of your rod poking you or scratching up your boat.

Weighing in at 225gms, you'll hardly notice its there. This has been achieved by the T-Bar Fishing Gimbal being made from quality anodized aluminum alloy that is heat treated, precision cut with a CNC machine to precise tollerances.  

They have a comfortable design with the EVA grip increating the comfortable feeling on the body while fishing.

They come in 2 great colours of either BLUE or GOLD, anodized for the perfect balance of hardness and colour.

The ultra lite, rust proof design makes them ideal for saltwater fishing.

Next time you go fishing be sure to give one of our JRoc Tackle T-Bar Fishing Gimbal's a try. These are a fabulous addition to any tackle box. Revolutionize the way you fish & let technology give you the upper edge.


-   Length :  23cm / 230mm

-   Width:  9.6cm / 96mm

-   Height:  4.4cm / 44mm

-   Weight : 8.00oz / 227g

-   Suitable for rod diameter from 22mm to 27mm

-   Material: Heat Treated Anodised Aluminium Alloy (BLUE or GOLD)

-   Anodized for the prefect balance of hardness & colour

-   Cut from a CNC Machine to precise tolerances

-   EVA grip, makes for a comfortable feeling on the body

-   Inner rubber tooth makes the gimbal fit to the end of a rod snuggly

-   Premium Quality, Rust Free Materials used.

-   100% Brand New & High Quality Precision Instrument

-   Suitable for Freshwater & Saltwater fishing

-   Includes a bonus JRoc Tackle protective pouch






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