PACK of 5 x 4cm LED FLASHING FISHING BAIT LIGHTS LURES, Red, Blue, Green, White, Tri Flashing

PACK of 5 x 4cm LED FLASHING FISHING BAIT LIGHTS LURES, Red, Blue, Green, White, Tri Flashing

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 40mm LONG
You will receive 1 of EACH colour - RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE, TRI COLOURED (red, blue, green)
These Fish Attraction Indicator FLASHING LED LIGHTS are irresistable to fish & Squids.
They are designed to eliminate the use of chemical lights used when fishing to attract fish. The brightly flashing LED lights will improve bait visibility. They will attract and trigger the hunting instinct in fish. The light spectrum produced is irresistable to fish. These lights have 10 times higher illuminating power than chemical light sticks.
The Flashing LED Fishing Bait Lights are battery operated and will turn on when the small clear plastic ring is removed from the battery compartment. 
The batteries are replaceable with 3 x LR41 lithium batteries. These provide OVER 700 hours of use at DEPTHS of 700 Metres.
These bait lights can be used by themselves as a jig, although they can be used in conjunction with other baits, spinners, spoons, squid skirts, jigs, bait etc. They will help to improve & enhance the performance of your other favourite items of fishing tackle. You can combine our bait lights with other fishing tackle in a number of ways. 
They are strong, durable & made from high quality materials that are made to last! The black rubber o-ring sealt the 2 part case together making it water tight!
These are the ideal choice for day or night fishing enthusiasts and can be used in Salt or Fresh water. They are very useful for catching a variety of freshwater and saltwater game fish, such as catfish, walleye, crappie, bass, red snapper to name a few.  Submerged lighting for night fishing can be used to catch both saltwater & freshwater species of fish that are predominately night feeders. These lights can give you a significant edge so think seriously about using them on your next fishing trip!
This technology is truly amazing. These are a fabulous addition to any tackle box. Revolutionize the way you fish & let technology give you the upper edge.
These lights are used to attach to your line, to attract fishes to your lures, they work amazingly well!!!
Why buy from an overseas seller that sends you 1 random colour when you can buy from us and get all 5 colours guaranteed!!!!!
Red, Blue, Green & White blink with a steady on and off. The Tri coloured LED is sequenced and will flash with alternating speeds and colour sequences.
Please note that other Chinese and Hong Kong sellers DO NOTinclude the batteries! WE DO!!!!!!
-   Rated for a Depth of 7000 metres
-   Diameter : 1.5cm
-   Length : 4.0cm
-   Weight : 0.25oz / 7g
-   Light Duration 700 hours
-   Includes 1 of each Flashing LED Colour : RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE & TRI COLOURED (red, blue, green)
-   100% Brand New & High Quality
-   Freshwater & Saltwater fishing


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